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Games Where I Did Everything

Walk Around this Place

This began as a prototype for environment art and visual effects. Made with Unity universal render pipeline, it features custom triplanar terrain shader with paintable splatmaps, a custom skybox shader, billboarded foliage, and camera post processing effects.

By the World's Wind

Set sail across a small open world. Visit island communities, explore lost caves, and meet the local wildlife with the four winds at your back. Use the map-making tools to plot a course or simply let the wind carry you where it will. Featured in Indiepocalypse #29.

Jazzy the Frog Goes Home For the Holidays
Tone's Froggy Adventure


title image2.png
Bottom Chef

A comedic cooking game I designed with my family.

Try to assemble a last minute meal out of garbage you find around your house


Roles: Art and code


The official game of Frog Con 2022

Roles: Designer, developer

Hot Seagulls in Your Area

A Body Building Baywatch Babe makes a bargain for ultimate power. The demon asks for only one thing in return-- Gather seagulls and MAKE THEM SMOOCH!

Roles: Designer, Animator, Environment Artist, Music and Sound

Jam Games

Games made in a couple hours/days

Beans For The Frog Queen

You have interrupted the queen’s beauty rest. Repent and bring her beans!

Lucie's Bistro

How many frogs dose it take to cook a delicious meal?

Faire L'Amour aux Plantes

A  game about dating your houseplants!

Dung Beetle Sisyphus takes his daughter to work

Your teen daughter thinks your job is lame! Better buy a condo about it.

Old Student Work

Under the Moon the Cat Stretches

Enter a Virtual Reality world where everything, can be be stretched and squished!

Spell Thief

Pickpocket spells, make mischief, and topple the aristocracy

Xochipilli's Showdown

A competitive keep-away game where you can sculpt your environment to your advantage!

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