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By the World's Wind

Set sail across a small open world. Visit island communities, explore lost caves, and meet the local wildlife with the four winds at your back. Use the map-making tools to plot a course or simply let the wind carry you where it will. Featured in Indiepocalypse #29.

A solo project with art, code, music, level design, and sound design by me.

Puddles is an ambient game where you are a water droplet in a puddle. Explore, splash around, and make fun noises. This was a solo project made for my art thesis while stuck at home in 2020.

Hot Seagulls in Your Area

When a Body building Baywatch Babe makes a fiendish bargain for ultimate power, the demon asks for only one thing in return-- Gather seagulls and MAKE THEM SMOOCH

Tone's Froggy Adventure

A game made for a holiday gift exchange. Hang out in a pond and chat with some frogs.


Faire L'Amour aux Plantes

A game jam game about dating your houseplants! I worked on the animation, lighting, and music.


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Xochipilli's Showdown

Xochipilli's Showdown is a competitive two person keep-away game where you can sculpt your environment to your advantage! Dig underground or climb for the heights to keep yourself safe from your opponent, but be careful, they'll come for you when you least expect it!